Salem Daly: political blocs will examine the mechanisms in the coming days to withdraw confidence from the Maliki

Date: Monday 05/28/2012 13:14

Baghdad (news) .. warned MP / coalition in Iraq / Salem Daly, of the civil war and the division of Iraq in the event of continuing the uniqueness of one party to power, pointing to the existence of the meeting will be held in the next few days to discuss the mechanisms of withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. 
said Daly In a statement (of the Agency news) said on Monday: There is a national consensus of the political blocs to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and this consensus is unconstitutional because it would be the Constitution is the boundary. He added that the political process in front of two choices: either continue to despotism and autocracy and domination on the joints of the State by one party and this pushes the country into a sectarian war or partition, or saving the political process through a national consensus to withdraw confidence from the government and replace it with a government in which the balance of pushing the country to development and prosperity.said MP for the coalition in Iraq to: that the next few days will see the consultative meetings between the leaders of political blocs to withdraw to discuss the mechanisms of withdrawal of confidence from the government, working non-implementation of al-Maliki to the Convention on Arbil, the lack of faith in national partnership. The leader in the assembly of the future Iraqi MP / coalition in Iraq / Jaber Al-Jabri, he expressed his fear of the fear of political blocs, including his list, the transfer of crisis of the Iraqi street and for fighting political, especially since the street engorged politically. said Jabri in an earlier statement (the news): The National Conference convened by the National Alliance, has become devoid of content, because of the meeting of a number of political blocs in Erbil, Najaf, indicating the following: that Both the conference and meetings aimed at resolving the political crisis, and that the application, one needs to sit down leaders of political blocs and agree on solutions to the crisis mechanisms. / Finished / 2. for. m /