Saleh warns of “collision” and Al-Halbousi calls for early elections

Saleh warns of “collision” and Al-Halbousi calls for early elections

2022-08-27 01:25

Saleh warns of collision and Al-Halbousi calls for early electionsShafaq News/ The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, said today, Saturday, that the blockage in the understanding on the completion of the constitutional benefits ten months after the elections was held is “a worrying and unacceptable matter”, while Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi stressed the importance of sitting at a national dialogue table, along with moving forward holding early parliamentary elections.

Saleh said at the 14th annual conference to combat violence against women, which was followed by Shafak News Agency, that “the country is going through a delicate and sensitive circumstance today, and grave challenges,” noting that “the current political stumbling and the state of blockage in the understanding on the completion of the national constitutional entitlements after ten months of the procedure Elections are worrisome and unacceptable.”

He pointed out that “the political movement and the multiplicity of its paths should not turn into a dispute that threatens the integrity of the national project in building the state and completing its institutions,” stressing that all “patriots put aside differences and take into account the challenges facing the country.”

Saleh stressed the need for “national unity, solidarity and victory for the option of dialogue, regardless of the degree of crisis and disagreement, instead of escalation, clashing and strife,” warning that “everyone will lose in it.”

Salih stressed the need to “reform and address the existing deficiencies in order to reach radical solutions that enable Iraqis to build a true state that protects and serves the interests of all Iraqis.” Our people are protected from these dangers around us in the world of terrorism, corruption and sharp economic fluctuations.”

The President of the Republic considered that “the existing challenges require all of us to have a good understanding and to rely on the principle of concessions in favor of what is national inclusive in favor of a real reform project in which we overcome the inherent imbalance in the system of governance.”

For his part, Al-Halbousi called, in a speech during the conference, the political forces to “sit around a dialogue table that would witness reaching solutions to the current political crisis.”

He pointed out that “at the end of the year, the state will not be able to spend, and that people’s interests will stop, and there will be no salaries at the beginning of next year,” adding: What we have reached today represents a regression from what we were before.