Saleh regrets the failure to complete the constitutional benefits on time and calls for a “serious” dialogue

Saleh regrets the failure to complete the constitutional benefits on time and calls for a “serious” dialogue

2022-03-26 07:59

Saleh regrets the failure to complete the constitutional benefits on time and calls for a serious dialogueShafaq News/ On Saturday, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, expressed his regret for not completing the constitutional entitlements on time, referring to the Parliament’s failure to achieve a quorum for the presidential election session, calling for a “serious dialogue.”

In a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, Saleh said, “The lack of national understandings and the failure of the parliament session to complete the constitutional entitlements on time is a regrettable and worrisome matter, more than five months after the early elections, as the continuation of the state of political obstruction amidst grave challenges.” facing the country has become unacceptable.

He added that “holding early elections was not a goal in itself, but rather a means of reform, ensuring political and social stability, improving the general conditions in the country and responding to the demands of the Iraqis, and that the new House of Representatives that emerged from the elections bears an exceptional responsibility as it came after a popular movement and a broad national consensus that demands By correcting the paths and ending the political crises in the country, not perpetuating them.”

Saleh continued by saying, “The political forces today are facing a decisive national test, and that the difficult circumstances that have passed through the country and the current delicate circumstance impose on everyone a historical responsibility and an exceptional work to get out of the current crisis in the spirit of patriotism and solidarity, and to begin to meet the national benefits by forming a capable and effective government that protects the interests of The country is strengthening its sovereignty and independence, and working to meet the aspirations of Iraqis.”

He called on all Iraqi political parties to “a serious and effective dialogue to get out of the current crisis without complacency or delay, and to give priority to the interests of Iraq and the Iraqis, taking into account regional conditions, international changes and internal challenges before us, especially the dangerous economic conditions, which call for a keenness to strengthen the home front and consolidate the national ranks.” In order to get out of the current crisis and to meet the aspirations of citizens who are waiting with anticipation and impatience for the formation of authorities expressing their will and aspirations for a decent and free life.

Today, the Iraqi parliament held its session dedicated to electing the president of the republic, headed by Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi, and the presence of deputies of the “Save the Nation” coalition, which includes the Sadrist bloc, the Sovereignty Alliance and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the number of deputies present reached 202, while the session was boycotted by the coordination framework that includes Shiite forces. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and a number of independent representatives, which broke the quorum.

The session of electing the President of the Republic requires two-thirds of the number of parliament members, ie (220 out of 329 deputies), as the Federal Court for electing the President of the Republic stipulated that the Council of Representatives achieve the attendance of 220 deputies in the session out of the total number of members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives of 329 seats.

As a result, on Saturday, the session turned into a regular session, before the Presidency of the Council adjourned it to next Monday, and also set a session for next Wednesday to elect the President of the Republic.