Saleh Muhammad Al-Iraqi “advises” the protesters to withdraw from the Supreme Court

Saleh Muhammad Al-Iraqi “advises” the protesters to withdraw from the Supreme Court

2022-08-23 08:01

Saleh Muhammad Al-Iraqi advises the protesters to withdraw from the Supreme CourtShafaq News / The “Minister of the Leader” Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, advised on Tuesday that the protesters withdraw from the building of the Supreme Judicial Council in the capital, Baghdad.

And the “minister of al-Sadr” wrote, in a tweet to him on Twitter, that “in the judiciary in Iraq there are many lovers of reform and those who demand accountability for the corrupt, and if there is a lull in that, it is because of the political pressure from the corruption center against them.”

He added: “If the pillow had been folded, I would have continued with the sit-in in front of the Supreme Court, to encourage it to reform and hold the corrupt accountable, but in order to preserve the reputation of the beloved revolutionaries and not to harm the people, I advise to withdraw.”

Al-Sadr urged “to keep the sit-in tents under the titles and banners of (Sit-in of the Speicher Martyrs), (people of Mosul), (return of looted funds) and (accounting for the corrupt) unbiased, in addition to (dismissal of the corrupt) (Section of Public Prosecution) and (Judiciary). independent and impartial) and other titles that the people want to achieve.”

He stressed the need to “continue the sit-in of the demonstrators in front of the parliament building,” adding: “The decision is the people’s decision, so I give you advice and you have the decision in all of that, and I am only one of you, you, and you.”

Dozens of Sadrists’ supporters went, earlier this morning, to the Supreme Judicial Council and began erecting the sit-in marquee in front of the council’s building in a new development of escalation that affected the judiciary after the legislative authority in light of a stifling political crisis the country is going through.

As a result, the judiciary in Iraq decided, earlier on Tuesday, to suspend its work in the country, following a sit-in by supporters of the Sadrist movement in front of the Supreme Judicial Council, demanding the dissolution of the Iraqi parliament.