Salah al-Din: “Daash” suffers total isolation and all communications devices “idle”

Salah al-Din: “Daash” suffers total isolation and all communications devices “idle”

March 20, 2015, 17:44

Salah al-Din - Daash suffers total isolation and all communications devices idleSalahuddin _ ((eighth day))

According to a local source in Salahuddin province, on Friday, that the electronic devices used by elements of the “Daash” remaining within the city of Tikrit, “not working”, pointing out that members of the organization have become semi-isolated from the outside world.

The source said that “all communications, including the Internet and wireless devices of the elements within the Daash Tikrit does not work.”

He added that “the remaining elements of the organization and the city became trapped in the semi-isolated from the outside world and isolated as well as communication with the elements and leaders of the organization who are in other areas.”

The military spokesman for the popular crowd cream Nouri denied, on Thursday (19 March 2015), the existence of conditions or international pressure to stop the liberation of the entire Tikrit, and in what was considered delayed the resolution of the battle additional week that it is not a problem, he stressed that the issue of Tikrit settled and at hand and militants. ” Daash “under siege from all sides.

And locked the joint security forces backed by the popular crowd fierce clashes with “Daash” in Salah al-Din in order to expel the organization and regain control of areas and towns and cities, while the army aviation support those forces in military operations. | ST |