Saadi describes the government as a failure

On: Tuesday 15/5/2012 7:35

 Baghdad / range 
description of the independent MP Sabah al-Saadi the government of “failing,” calling on politicians to return to the agreements that formed the governing coalition in order to bring things back on track and end the current crisis. “said Saadi, told all of Iraq,” The government have failed through their performance during the period years as it is able to put the right plans and this is proof that it is not efficient, “he said.

He called Saadi politicians to return to the agreements, which was formed of which the government and bind all the blocks covenants entered into by and if not carried out, elections are the perfect choice. ” and added that “the failure that affected the government helped the spread of corruption in all ministries, departments and the prevalence of bribery, especially in the Ministry of Electricity, which is primarily responsible by the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani. ”

The political scene crises several of the crisis between the central government and the territorial Government on Implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution in addition to the dispute between the Iraqi List and the rule of law on the application of the terms of agreement of Arbil and the strategic policies demanded by the Iraq.