Rubaie: Bremer rule of Saddam powers and opposition accepted to take over “Qusay”

Rubaie: Bremer rule of Saddam powers and opposition accepted to take over “Qusay”

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Baghdad / Orr News

He Rubaie, that “what Iraq is going through, is the stage most serious in its history and since the establishment of the Iraqi state in 1921, where national unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the borders of the homeland is exposed to a real risk, and for people to hide their identities other ethnic and sectarian, so that we can maintain the unity Iraq. ”

He criticized the “hegemony of the parties and the government to independent bodies”, admitting that “the judiciary in Iraq exposed to pressure from political parties and partisan armed groups, and social influence in one way and another in judicial decision-making.”

He Rubaie said that “a sense of injustice is worse than injustice itself, Sunni Arabs are convinced that the Shiites oppressors, as well as the Kurds feel injustice with that they have 17 percent of the budget, however, aggrieved, and there is also bisected by Shiite forces Kalsdrien and Gamyin also feel a sense of injustice” . And added, “We have to wonder why they feel aggrieved, and the real problem for this sense of injustice is the marketing of the new Iraq, where he was the wrong way, which I am kind of partners injustice, each party sees as developed.”

“The Bush managed to get second term by intimidating the American people to al-Qaeda, as well as we did, but intimidate people from return of the Baath, and we know that the Baath will not return to rule Iraq and this is the truth”, blaming himself and “the rest of the political partners what the the political process and the accumulation of failures. ”

And said former national security adviser, as “since 1991 talked about cultural identities multi in Iraq, such as culture and Kurdish identity Sunni Arabs and the identity of the Middle Euphrates and southern Iraq, this must be translated into federations multiple to unite the nation,” explaining that “claim in the province are in accordance with the Constitution, and I encourage the province combines western provinces with Mosul, the constitution calls for a federal system, to prevent political sectarianism and ethnic discrimination, which was staffed by the former regime. federal system should be strengthened at the expense of the central system, unity of Iraq are shaped by the federal. ”

He Rubaie said that “the Shiite opposition was at the end of 2002, discusses the alternative to Saddam and they ask my name sons Uday and Qusay Saddam substitutes, and the whole of them to accept Bgosai, and this proposal had been rejected, and when approached the fall of Saddam’s regime proposed the formation of an interim government in exile to manage things, but proposal had been rejected by the Department of the opposition and the Americans, “Mstrsla” when forming the Interim Governing Council to 25 people, and when you hold the first meeting of the Council asked Bremer powers and the powers of the Council, he said I my powers all the powers of Saddam Hussein in addition to authorized me by the Geneva Conventions, and the Council he does not have any powers you only advisers, and I said to him, this means we are minors, Fbant features discomfort on the face of Bremer. ”

He cautioned al-Rubaie said that “the Arab countries were initially against Saddam’s regime, and after the fall of Saddam’s regime turned hostile to the new Iraq, but no way to convince them to the new situation only through the imposition of de facto”, recalling “Jmni a meeting with Gulf official Vhaddtna dissatisfaction to change the identity of Baghdad campaign Balsafoah and stated that the Arab heritage, which stems from Baghdad had disappeared and turned Baghdad into capital Cefoyen “.

He went on to say, “I replied Pia HRH in Iraq Shi’ite and the ruling accepted by the majority secreted government with a majority Shiite and this will remain until the Day of Resurrection will not change, Vtelmust sparked shock of this talk on his face,” adding, “The meeting last Jmni administrator in one of the conferences, Try one Arab officials to greet Ali, Vashan my face him Fatbna on it and wondered about the reasons, I mentioned to him that your country conspire against Iraq, smiled and said to me, there’s no need for conspiracy because the signs of failure pant new Iraq. ”

Turning Rubaie said that “the international community has been seen for the Iraqi opposition before the fall of Saddam’s regime, a group of Shi’ite Islamists who owe allegiance to Iran, and on the part other than the opposition Kurdish nationalists separatists, what did we do to change this view, we have to put our point of view and what our opposition by declaring Shiites Iraq, which was published Azzaman newspaper at that time under the title: a campaign to combat sectarianism in Iraq. ”