Revive the private sector is essential in activating the economic reality of Iraq

31/05/2012 0:00

expert said that the Iraqi economy suffers from a distorted identity of its private sector, warning of an increased flow of the Iraqi capital abroad and investment in neighboring countries, at a time when Iraq is a dire need to revitalize its private sector and activate all aspects of production in it.

and the private sector is According to many involved in the economic Iraqi artery, which can feed all the actors of development in the country and works to revive many aspects of the body economic, especially the elimination of unemployment and poverty alleviation.

Iraq is seeking to privatize hundreds of public sector companies in it, especially after the completion of the finalizing the move, which called the (map through the privatization of public companies in Iraq), which oversaw and developed teams of specialized economic, and operate the map that I got the (morning) on a copy of which was to transform the state-owned enterprises and non-productive to contribute to and then to the private sector, The aim of the procedure to activate the reality production in Iraq and make it able to compete with the importer.

says economic expert reconcile inhibitor: the Iraqi private sector today is the only party that performs all import operations whether the Ministries of State or directly to the local market, but randomly and without the organization or specific controls, and this caused by a weakness of experience in the practice of his role in the country, therefore, on the private sector can go a long way and complicated to find his career in a country still suffering from the effects of central management and the reality of the economy.

He inhibitor Speaking (morning): The character and identity of the private sector is currently not clear the leak Iraqi capital and settled a number of neighboring countries and that many lines of business in Iraq is holding out and move it from the outside and many of the goods offered in the local markets for example, are goods stagnant in neighboring markets and is being pumped into our markets because of the relative improvement of the incomes of some social groups to add the burden on the shoulders of the Iraqis without contributing in grafting the economic situation in the country.

Statistics indicate that the rate of 85 percent of the projects and companies in the Iraqi private sector dependent on the work, and attributes are interested in economic affairs that causes the opening of the borders wide open in front of the flow of various commodities and imported goods, and the decline in support by the government, whether in the form of financial loans or by legislation, resolutions and recommendations do the work of this sector.

criticized inhibitor what he called b (random) taking place in the supply and demand and the absence of substantive study showing the numbers what is happening on the ground in the movement of trade, real estate, engineering services and other and through which to make comparisons necessary to deduce the laws of economic phase, calling at the same time, professors of universities and institutions to economic enriching our market research and study and to attain this honor to contribute to draw a national picture of our economy and they have to monitor the movement of capital and exports and imports of Iraq and the application of international standards in these areas and the development of indicators and the red lines that can not be exceeded to protect our economy and strengthen the role of this factor in the rebuilding of Iraq, Zakir was in the class basis, it is one of the fundamentals of work of the Ministry of Planning and Finance and trade only because they have a base the data.

He inhibitor to the private sector suffers from the weakness and scarcity of capital and lack of experience in management and decline in state support technical and financial, as well as the weakness of the role of private banks, which should be offered to this sector funds open to guarantees of goods and imported goods, as is the case in the countries of the world .

and expert stressed that this command (to revive the private sector) require the identification of economic targets fixed and well thought out and is absent so far, and especially the direction of the Iraqi economy to competition for real, considering it’s very important, and calling for a review of laws that have made the private sector is unable to develop the economy and destroyed the foundations and rules that can be the focal it to start investing or reconstruction and construction of infrastructure.

urged punitive the need to develop programs to run the infrastructure in areas that do not want the private sector investment, and tackling unemployment and reduce the discontent of the poor public services, as well as identify areas of investment by type of demand and the need for a particular commodity in the local market not related to any destination and the investor is the one that you choose the proper way to achieve high profits. and reliable by many experts and specialists in economic affairs on the importance and role of the private sector in the recovery of dozens of occupations in Iraq, and activation of industries that the country was famous for the food as an industry, especially dates, stressing the importance of the government and to seek in earnest for the rehabilitation of public sector companies and later converted to private companies to enable them to production and competition.