Revealing the real reasons for Abdul Mahdi’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Revealing the real reasons for Abdul Mahdi’s visit to Saudi Arabia

2019/9/25 15:03

Revealing the real reasons for Abdul Mahdis visit to Saudi Arabia[Baghdad-Where]
Araji, in a tweet on his account “Twitter”, today, that the visit of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, to Saudi Arabia reflects the importance of Iraq in the region and the role he can play in resolving crises, noting that “this visit was based on The demands of regional states to intervene in the truce. ”

“I hope that the leaders and politicians of Iraq will know the importance, weight and status as other countries know.”

A source close to the government said earlier that “Abdul-Mahdi’s travel to Saudi Arabia was scheduled when he was in China, and was supposed to go from China directly to Riyadh, before returning to Baghdad, but the Saudi side asked to postpone the visit because of the obligations of the monarch It was decided to postpone it for two days, and then the Iraqi government delegation returned to Baghdad. ”

The source pointed out that “the Iraqi delegation to Saudi Arabia will be very brief, the main objective of the visit is to try to calm and open a line between Riyadh and Tehran through Iraq, and discuss the results of the investigation on the bombing of Aramco facilities,” stressing that “the Saudis are waiting for what the Iraqi prime minister will put on them.”

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi left for Saudi Arabia on Wednesday for a visit announced officially Tuesday evening, where sources pointed out that the aim of “an attempt to calm and open a line between the Iranians and Saudis,” and is scheduled to meet with Abdul-Mahdi, during his second visit to Riyadh since taking over Prime Minister, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.