Representative Finance: Reliance on borrowing is unacceptable

Representative Finance: Reliance on borrowing is unacceptable

11/16/2020 18:56

Representative Finance - Reliance on borrowing is unacceptable[Baghdad-Where]
The Parliamentary Finance Committee expressed, on Monday, its refusal to rely on borrowing to solve the financial crisis in the country.
Committee member Thamer Theban said, “The House of Representatives will not pass a new law for borrowing during the next stage, and the passage of the current law took place due to non-delivery of salaries.”

He added that “there is some ambiguity in the delivery of salaries by the government despite the legislation of the borrowing law,” indicating that “the government is obligated to find logical solutions to the current crisis and to stay away from borrowing.”

Today, Monday, the MP for the Sairoun Alliance Burhan Al-Mamouri confirmed that the white paper presented by the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to reform the administrative and financial situation in the country is slow, warning of a popular explosion due to the government’s current financial policy.

Last Wednesday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee accused the federal government of deliberately delaying paying employees’ salaries.