Report: Maliki’s attempts to get closer to Trump administration

Report: Maliki’s attempts to get closer to Trump administration

28/05/2017 – 19:12 Iraq

Report - Malikis attempts to get closer to Trump administrationReport: Maliki’s attempts to get closer to Trump administration
Arab press report revealed, on Sunday, for messages sent by former Iraqi Prime Minister Vice President Nuri al- Maliki to the new US administration , expressing the desire to obtain support in exchange for introducing the idea of striking Iran ‘s interests and factions of the crowd associated with them.
London – based Arab newspaper revealed that al – Maliki is trying to break the international, regional and Arab isolation hemmed, aiming towards providing himself as a strong option in post – especially on the United States Daesh exhibitors running back to Iran and to play an active role in dismantling the militia of the popular crowd.

The report said that al – Maliki sent through intermediaries in the United States letters to US President Donald Trump , through intermediaries , including his desire to obtain the support of his administration in exchange for striking Iran ‘s interests and factions of the crowd associated with them.
The report stressed that the US administration knows very well that Maliki “insincere” has failed more than once. He is pointing out , that Maliki , who is trying to return to power as prime minister wants to maneuver paper militias popular crowd and Iran in order to get closer to the new US administration.
Maliki is trying to inform the US administration that fears of these factions , not less than US concerns about them. Nevertheless , it presents itself as a solution to these factions in post – Daesh, recalling as a “strong man” that he was working on disseminating them about himself in the political and popular circles.

According to sources, said that al-Maliki did not stop at an end “introduced the idea of ​​hitting the pro-Iranian factions in Iraq to the Americans, but offer direct hit Iran’s interests in Iraq, if within the US support.”

The transfer of “Arabs” report on a Shiite politician in Baghdad, said that “al-Maliki letters to the United States, about his attitude toward factions of the popular crowd, perhaps not honest in their content, but they reveal the fear of the influence of the leaders of these factions on electoral popularity.”

This political shows that “al-Maliki, the popular base mixes, about two years ago, the grassroots of the leaders of the armed factions loyal to Iran, and that means they may turn to his direct competitors.”

In practice, these leaders working to obtain official licenses to enable them to work and political participation in the elections.

Among the major factions that have received political work permit officially, the Badr Organization, led by Hadi al-Amiri, and the movement of the League of the right led by Qais al-Khazali.

While the name of Hadi al-Amiri poses among near Iran’s Shiite parties as a potential president of the Government of Iraq next, do not hesitate movement of the League of the right to express their ambition to be the next prime minister, “Hacdia”.

Since his release from power, in 2014, is keen Maliki, in his statements and interviews, to recall his role in the formation of the popular crowd forces, in defiance of an indirect conviction of millions of Iraqis from transvestites reference Ali al-Sistani in Najaf, who believe that the crowd is a fatwa top Shiite cleric in Iraq .

According to sources in Washington, the Iraqi file officials in the White House, can not trust Maliki, after previous experiences with him, even if declared hostile armed factions loyal to Iran.

Iraqi observers and unlikely to maneuver anti-Iran and Iraq tools to succeed in deceiving the Americans, arguing that Washington knows more than the nature of al-Maliki and his affiliations with Iran, and his quest to win her son in his struggle with the current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.