Report: frightening calm in relations with Iran – Israel

04/05/2012 18:34

Erbil, May 4 (AKnews) – reported network Firas 24 French report today about relations between Iran and Israel and the love letters exchanged between the parties, noting that the time when Iran is threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz and the bombing of an international crisis in the event of a ban on oil exports, over, registered it in recent weeks were quiet between Tehran and Tel Aviv as striking as it is expected between the two countries. The report added that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to alert the international community of the Iranian threat, but some voices began to move away from “hostile policy” and considers dangerous, including the former head of the Internal Security Agency Israeli “Shin Bet” Yuval Diskin, who did not hesitate to accuse the Prime Minister misled the Israelis about the fact that the Iranian threat, saying it was “how can give confidence to the political leaders both grounded on the feelings of religious in their decisions,” uncertain that Israeli attack supposed to Iran will not contribute in the end only accelerate Iran’s nuclear project. The report went on that the position of Yuval Diskin was the support of many political figures and the Israeli military, where he said Benny Gantz, Israeli chief of staff he was “unlikely that the Khamenei step further towards a nuclear weapon because it would be of blunders committed by, “adding that” the Iranian team, who takes office component of people are rational. ” The report noted that the statements Diskin was a surprise where they were popular in Tehran, since the meeting last month with the 5 +1 group in Istanbul, which was considered the forces Bank “building”, Iran seems more flexible and based paper calm, adding that the Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, predicted recently that “you get positive developments during the Baghdad meeting on 23 May of this.” and the report cites Alain Rodier specialist in military intelligence and author of the book ” Iran the next war, “warned of this apparent improvement in relations with Iran – Israel, adding that the Islamic Republic adopted the approach to new, but it remains cautious about the real causes of this change, considering that not before the Iran option but to improve relations because of the stifling through the international economic sanctions and the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the Syrian regime, the biggest ally. He continues, Rodier said, “It is true that the Israeli government is no longer dependent tone of war”, because it is likely to face a Jewish state in the future, new enemies such as Egypt, where he said that since the fall of the regime of Hosni Mubarak and look Israel’s campaign against terrorism caution, “adding,” they feared the potential risk of “terrorist” Egypt, in time to have a hard time dealing with the Iranian crisis and the file of Egypt at the same time. ” asks Alan Rodier whether this “relative calm” would last, saying that nothing preclude optimism, Vajtmaa Baghdad on 23 May could be in line with the Istanbul meeting, and it establishes the continuity of the period of calm, new, and inaugurates “the beginning of the end of” the Iranian file, but the second possibility is to have a period of calm preceding the storm a military escalation. and the report cites Bernard Gita specialist at international politics that “Europeans are pessimistic, afraid to push the Iranians to calm this progress irreversible step toward the bomb and that pays the same fear the Israelis to intervene without consulting anyone.” see: Fadi Zeidan