Religious authority calls for the central bank to develop a solution to the deterioration of the dinar

04/21/2012 0:00

Karbalai: officials prior knowledge of the occurrence of acts of terrorist bombing 
of Karbala – the gesture 
called authorized religious authority in Karbala, the Secretary-General of the threshold Husseiniya to develop new mechanisms to curb the deterioration of the Iraqi dinar price as called for to examine the reasons for the increasing number of suicides in some cities. criticized Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai in his Friday sermon yesterday, the failure to take appropriate measures to reduce security breaches, despite officials’ knowledge before they occur, as criticized what he called the bickering and accusations among politicians, “which influenced the citizen and disappeared solutions.” he said in a Friday sermon in front of thousands of worshipers in the courtyard Husseini “happened in the recent decline in the price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar and this has a negative impact on the purchasing power of the citizen in inflation in Iraq.” and added that “the Iraqi Central Bank has taken steps in some positive aspects was the reduction of demand for the dollar by placing conditions difficult to purchase and smuggle the dollar to other countries. ” 
and called for “a new policy in consultation with the talent and the people of competence and expertise to access the procedures increase the balance of positive and minimize the negative.” 
and denounced the Karbalai in his speech what he described as “something new in security work after talk about the development of solutions to breaches of security over and over again to no avail. “He said:” We hear that the explosions you get in order to prove the terrorists and their presence. “and said that” the new thing that the officials who have knowledge of terrorist operations before they occur they did not take any action, “explaining that” one of the officials close to told me personally he was advised by one day for a bombing cleric returning from abroad would not go to Kadhimiya because it will blow up the next day, and this is what actually happened in Kadhimiya, “calling for” conduct investigations to find out the reasons for not taking action to prevent For security breaches that kills innocent people, as happened in Thursday’s bombing that killed 150 Iraqis between the dead and wounded. “