reduce the price of one thousand Iraqi dinars at once

Baghdad / WAP / expert warned economic Mackie Rdam, Tuesday, of the danger of reducing the price of the dollar to one thousand Iraqi dinars at once, and promise Tsraa from the central bank in the event of the oldest on the move.

He told Baghdad International / WAP / “The rush to reduce the dollar at once will lead to confuse the market and business dealings, the fact that the difference in exchange rate will be greater, which will cause repercussions and problems among traders and creates chaos in the stock market and the offices of dollar selling.

” and added: “The currency of the dollar significantly affect the markets of Iraq, creating huge losses and can not be back to Amadmarha. ” He continued: “The central bank adopts a policy of monetary contraction contributed to raise the value of the Iraqi dinars gradually in the years previous to the current price of a policy that has proved successful in Iraq.”