“Puzzle” injury-Baghdadi between denial and confirm

“Puzzle” injury-Baghdadi between denial and confirm

Anbar-Iraq Press October -12: 2015

Puzzle - injury-Baghdadi between denial and confirmmystery surrounding the fate of the leader of the “Daash” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after Baghdad announced the fighter jets targeted an Iraqi air force convoy on his way to a meeting in Karabilah area on the Iraqi-Syrian border.
The tribal sources reported that al-Baghdadi was wounded in the air strike, to informed security sources denied his presence in the targeted procession.

The head of the Anbar tribes Almtsidih of terrorism Council, Sheikh lifter Fahdawi, said that al-Baghdadi was meeting with some leaders in the home of one of the politicians of the Anbar region Karabilah to spend based 350 km west of Ramadi.
Fahdawi did not say anything about the extent of the injury Baghdadi only confirmed the air strike.
But news reports quoted sources described the locality, that “al-Baghdadi did not leave Mosul.”

This is what its content, security officials said on Monday, that the leader of al Daash was not likely present in the building Karabilah area near the border with Syria, which was targeted in the raid.
The Reuters news agency quoted one of the officials for saying that the security command came to this conclusion after evaluating the information gathered, pointing out that the devices intensive efforts to clarify what happened.
The cell hawks intelligence of the Interior Ministry has announced that it has been able – based on intelligence information accurate and coordination direct with the leadership of the joint operations and through the Iraqi air force – of the implementation process targeting the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the parade, and the bombing of a meeting place for leaders of the “Daash” .anthy (1)