Process of selling the dollar to the citizens come to support the family economy

Citizens praised them and specialists called for the sale of free

praised a number of specialists affairs Financial to adopt the private banks to help the Iraqi Central Bank to sell the dollar to the citizens eligible according to the instructions issued, where it can be for the traveler or going for treatment outside the country get 10 thousand dollars at 1189 Iraqi dinars per dollar.

He interested that this step is working on the stability of prices, which witnessed the confusion evident during the last period also contributes to the support of the citizen, who was heading for a black market for hard currency at inflated prices have a negative impact on the economy of the family.

Executive Director of the Association of private banks in Iraq, Abdel Aziz al-Hassoun praised this approach during his interview with the morning and said the move was one of the signs of the stability of the dollar exchange rate in the market, and that the announcement of the sale of the dollar to citizens by private banks is a positive step, pointing to the importance that the sale to the citizens in an open and away from the requirement in this matter, a proposal to facilitate these actions more than by relying on the notation on the passport in any case, this will prevent the beneficiary of the requested amount again from other banks, and noted that a number of private banks, announced the sale of the dollar to the citizens at the official rate .

economic expert said that the sword Hilfi who study the process of direct selling to the citizens realize the importance of this step, adopted by private banks under the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq, noting the high turnout to buy the dollar for the purposes of service denies citizen of great suffering.

He noted that this approach comes in the box positives banks and one of the main banking services that support the economy of the family, and urged not to employ this approach towards things detrimental to the service that is offered to the citizens.

and that this step is an episode of the series made to provide liquidity to the largest segment of the citizens, whether in a detailed selling the dollar or to provide small and medium loans to activate the economy of the family first and to support the national economy through the gate of the projects that have proved successful in the world.

Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim, one of the beneficiaries of this approach said that getting Milesm citizen of amounts in foreign currency become more accessible, and eased a lot of suffering to those in need of these funds for treatment outside the country, and I find a positive step, as the medical reports provided by enabled me to get the amount you need within hours.