President of the Kurdistan region: Those who think that Article 140 is dead are ‘deluded’

President of the Kurdistan region: Those who think that Article 140 is dead are ‘deluded’

2021.04.23 – 01:38

President of the Kurdistan region - Those who think that Article 140 is dead are deludedThe President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, called for “strengthening” the concept of citizenship in Iraq, and while noting that the application of Article 140 would solve all problems, he stressed that the legislation of the oil and gas law is important for the specificity and status of Kirkuk governorate.

Barzani said during his hosting of the “Bal three” program, presented by colleagues “Saif Ali, Zainab Rabie, and Hisham Ali,” followed by “People”, “It is the duty of everyone in the current stage to strengthen the concept of citizenship and build a true partnership that will make Iraq a homeland for all components.” .

And the President of the Kurdistan region promised that “the root of the problem in Iraq lies in the way of thinking,” pointing out that “democracy does not necessarily mean holding elections every 4 years.”

Barzani considered that “the current generation of young people in Iraq is not the same 10 years ago, as the current generation of Iraqi politicians does not accept slogans without content.”

“The current stage is no longer a transitional period, as we are heading to very important elections in the future,” he said.

The privacy of the Kirkuk situation

Barzani pointed out that “the Kirkuk problem has two sides: the first is natural resources. If there was an oil and gas law, everyone would be reassured, and for the solution to the Kirkuk problem there must be an oil and gas law. The second is the land problem, as Baghdad’s insistence on not recognizing the existence of any Kurdish right.” incorrect”.

Controversial Article 140

The region’s president called for the implementation of Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution, and its implementation usually puts an end to all the problems of the Kurds and other nationalities in the disputed areas.

He described those who considered Article 140 “dead” as “illusions.”

Kurdistan region and the displaced

Barzani pointed out that it was our duty in 2014, after ISIS took control of some areas, to open the doors to the displaced, and we received about two million displaced people from Iraq and Syria, we did not see any security threat from them, and we were happy with the return of many of them to their areas.

He emphasized that “good relations” were and are between the citizens of the Kurdistan region and the displaced.