Political current: 3 positives in the current budget.. 70% of the forces are ready to pass it

Political current: 3 positives in the current budget.. 70% of the forces are ready to pass it


Political current - 3 positives in the current budget.. 70 percent of the forces are ready to pass itInformation / Baghdad..
On Friday, a political movement confirmed the existence of three positive points in the three-year budget adopted by the Sudanese government.

“The Sudanese government adopted an option that is the first of its kind after 2003, which is the 3-year budget, which carries three important positive points,” said the head of the Bayariq al-Khair movement, Muhammad al-Khalidi, in an interview with Al-Maalouma.

And that “the first point is to end the financial restrictions in the exchange mechanisms at the end of the year, in addition to preventing any pressure on the performance of government institutions and departments, as well as developing flexible solutions to any crises by dealing directly with them in accordance with the powers of the government.”

He added, “There are indeed important points of concern, but the government’s assurances gave a flexible space,” noting that “70% of the political forces represented in the House of Representatives are ready to vote on them.”

He pointed out that “Iraq’s financial situation remains within the danger zone, because it relied for many years on the principle of rentier economy in light of the state of instability in the global oil markets, stressing the need to pay attention to these points and push towards the redevelopment of non-oil sources to become real financial revenues in the country’s budget.” .

The House of Representatives is trying to accelerate the pace of settling points for the 2023 budget by its committees, through a series of hosts with ministries and government agencies.