Political consensus and “rewording” disrupt 120 draft laws in the Iraqi parliament

Political consensus and “rewording” disrupt 120 draft laws in the Iraqi parliament

2024-04-09 05:19

Political consensus and rewording disrupt 120 draft laws in the Iraqi parliamentShafaq News/ The Parliamentary Legal Committee counted, on Tuesday, the number of “stalled” bills in the Iraqi Parliament, including 4 important bills.”

Committee member Muhammad Anouz told Shafaq News Agency, “There are many laws that are still stalled in the House of Representatives. Some of them need political consensus and others need to be redrafted from a technical standpoint.”

He explained that “the suspended laws that are being read, discussed, and voted amount to more than 120 laws, the most important of which are the general amnesty, federal court, retirement, and oil and gas laws.”

Anouz pointed out that “the delay in approving important laws in the House of Representatives is linked to political consensus, in addition to the delay in naming the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.”

On Wednesday, December 27, 2023, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani directed the formation of a committee to reconsider the draft Federal Court law.

At the beginning of this year, the committee completed its work and submitted the draft law to the Prime Minister in order to present it to the Council of Ministers for a vote and then enter into negotiations with the political forces regarding it before referring it to Parliament, according to the Prime Minister’s Advisor for Constitutional Affairs, Hassan Al-Yasiri.

As for the Oil and Gas Law, it is still a matter of controversy in Iraq after talk about preparing a new version of it, following signs of disagreement over its passage in light of the differing opinions about it within the coordination framework.

The oil and gas law, which has been stalled in the Iraqi parliament since its first session until today, is one of the most prominent points on which an initial agreement was reached between Baghdad and Erbil, but there are signs of disagreement that may affect the possibility of its passage.