Political blocks: UNHCR avoids the counting and manual sorting in the centers complained of for fear of changing the results

Political blocks: UNHCR avoids the counting and manual sorting in the centers complained of for fear of changing the results

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 15:16 pm

Political blocks - UNHCR avoids the counting and manual sorting in the centers complained of for fear of changing the resultsBaghdad / Sky Press

The political blocs in the province of Salah al-Din, Wednesday, that the polling stations and stations complained of has not been counted and manual counting on them so far, and revealed information on the use of 50 thousand ballot cards “non-owners” on the day of voting, threatened mass sit-in in the case The Board of Commissioners did not consider the complaints and appeals it submitted.
“We appreciate and support the good efforts of the judges who are currently in charge of running the affairs of the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) to amend the electoral process and what we expect from the role,” said the representatives of Al-Nasr Alliance, The real justice of the Iraqi judiciary to correct the course of the political and electoral process and the similar cracks entered by the owners of sick souls and bad purposes who do not respond good for Iraq and its people only to achieve the interests of the special, today we look good in the realization of the right and restore it to health Since we are former deputies, ministers and candidates as representatives of Salahuddin province in the last elections, we have noticed that there are still hands trying to characterize the path to which the judges were led. ”

The statement added, “Here we would like to point out that the Board of Commissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission has taken its decision No. (36) of the ordinary record No. (40) on 9/7/2018, which included the selection of 426 polling stations of the general voting centers in Salah Religion for the purpose of conducting manual counting and counting on it, in addition to 36 other electoral stations were essentially canceled, which did not calculate the results in a timely manner, and were transferred to all these stations to Baghdad where it was the counting and manual counting in the presence of judges assigned to oversee this process, “explaining that” The majority of these stations were selected and brought from Salah province Religion to Baghdad has not received clear complaints from the political entities that participated in the electoral process. ”

He pointed out that “the complaints and appeals filed by the political blocs and candidates in the province of Salah al-Din to the former Board of Commissioners as well as the current addition to the judiciary for the elections were focused on polling stations and stations are very clearly defined, and provided material evidence of violations and irregularities and fraud “There are 12 polling stations for displaced people from Salah al-Din in Kirkuk and Salah al-Din, which includes 90 polling stations, which were conducted,” he said, adding that ” The sneeze Where there were no complaints of fundamentalist within the specified legal time. However, these stations were not brought to the hand counting and sorting center in Baghdad in order to verify them and make the appropriate decision on them. Unfortunately, I have been left to this day. ”

The statement pointed to the existence of deliberately by the Commission not to conduct manual counting and sorting in the centers complained of, which is known to all the occurrence of large fraud in which fear of changing the results, which will put the Commission in an embarrassing position before the political blocs.