Police release the appearance of Mohammed Saleh

Police release the appearance of Mohammed Saleh

Saturday, February 23, 2014 17:21

Police release the appearance of Mohammed Saleh[Baghdad where]

An informed source said that the security forces released today from a former adviser at the Central Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh.

The police at Baghdad International Airport, was arrested appearance of Mohammed Saleh, upon his return from the province of Sulaymaniyah.

The source, who declined to be identified, told all of Iraq [where], that “elements of the security at the airport in Baghdad released him today after being held for nearly more than ten hours. ” Source did not reveal the objective behind the detention.

It is said that an official campaign “together in order to save economic thinker appearance of Mohammed Saleh” in social networking sites, a journalist specializing in economic affairs, Laith Mohammed Reza, has said in a statement received today, [where], a copy of which, “The economic thinker The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the previous appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, was detained in the Baghdad International Airport since Friday evening, after he returned from Sulaymaniyah, which has had over the past few days for the purposes of work. ”

And that “the airport authorities carried out an order to arrest the old economic thinker, which indicates a lack of updated information when devices detention throughout the whole year,” expressing surprise that “arrest is when you get back, not when you leave.”

He pointed out that “the benefit cut short a visit to Sulaymaniyah back to Baghdad because of the deterioration of his health, because he is suffering from chronic diseases and need to have special care and treatment.”

Warned Mohammad Reza, of trying to make the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, a victim of the contradictions of the electoral chaos of political disarray in Iraq was these days, threatening reaction national led students of this great thinker, after that they decided to resume their campaign “together to save economic thinker appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh.”

Prior to that the country has witnessed a massive campaign titled “together to save economic thinker appearance of Mohammed Saleh” on the back of his arrest earlier this year, and the campaign has time to clarify that the appearance was not facing charges of corruption or theft, but the charges against him stems from convictions with political officials that the bank’s management which was in favor of the central part thereof, committed administrative errors when worked hard in the instructions produced a climate of corruption. ended