PM Adviser reveals some still lobby to disrupt tariff law

BAGHDAD / JD / .. detect an adviser to Prime Minister for Economic Affairs of the existence of a lobby to disrupt and abort the project customs tariff in Iraq.

Said Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge in a statement to the correspondent of the agency / JD /: that “there is a class of traders is putting pressure on officials in the executive branch to disrupt the project in order to control the overall situation of the commercial market in Iraq and the depletion of resources citizens until the last moment.”

He continued that “the project past did not issue any decision to delay or cancellation, despite these attempts, indicating that the decision will be implemented as scheduled without any delay. And called for politicians to put aside their differences and work together to strengthen the political situation, considering that Iraq is a country of all and not for a class without the other and to maintain the the public interest and the members of the Economic Commission representative had declared that the Iraqi economy is not eligible to work tariffs, customs, pointing out that “There are many requests, both from the government or from a number of MPs calling for postponement of a law customs tariff No. 22 of 2010.

The government called in the 28 of April, Parliament patient application of the law of customs tariff, the non-completion of the foundations necessary for the successful application of the law. The Law on customs tariff passed by Parliament to repeal the tariff number (77) for the year 1955, and ordered the Coalition Provisional Authority (dissolved) No. (54) for the year 2004 (the policy of trade liberalization of 2004), and ordered the CPA No. 38 of 2003 (tax return reconstruction of Iraq and its amendments).