Plasschaert “gets away with the corruption of its employees.” Mishaan Al-Jubouri demands an investigation into the “false witness” before her departure

Plasschaert “gets away with the corruption of its employees.” Mishaan Al-Jubouri demands an investigation into the “false witness” before her departure


Plasschaert gets away with the corruption of its employees - Mishaan Al-Jubouri demands an investigation into the false witness before her departureAlsumaria News – Politics
The UN envoy to Iraq, Jeanine Plasschaert, is close to leaving Iraq after about a month from now, with the conclusion of her duties and her journey in Iraq that lasted 5 years, during which she aroused a lot of controversy and the anger of Iraqi citizens, especially during the period of the October demonstrations, and there was complete conviction that she “ It shone the image of the regime and the government before the international community and was friendly to political figures. It was not on the side of the people, even though this was supposed to be its main mission.
Plasschaert was appointed to head the UN mission in Iraq in late August 2018, succeeding Slovak Jan Kubis. Last February, during a briefing that Plasschaert gave to the United Nations, she said that it was the last briefing because she would leave her position at the end of next May.

Plasschaert said at the time, “In December 2018 I arrived in Baghdad, and now, after five years, it is almost time to say goodbye and I expect to leave my position at the end of May. It is not an easy matter, and for better or for worse, Iraq has simply become a part of me.”

The announcement came . Plasschaert left her duties in Iraq, just days after the Guardian newspaper’s investigative scandal was revealed about United Nations employees in Iraq receiving bribes from businessmen and investors in exchange for granting them reconstruction deals and aid to Iraq that came through the United Nations and donors.

The Guardian newspaper said in a report, that the program The United Nations Development Fund sent a team to Iraq to evaluate allegations of corruption in the $1.5 billion (£1.2 billion) construction program after an investigation by The Guardian newspaper,

but the United Nations then issued a statement denying that Plasschaert’s departure was linked to the scandal of its employees, indicating that Plasschaert’s departure was not linked to the scandal. It is consistent with established practices within the United Nations, including the usual rotation of senior UN officials.

For his part, the politician and former MP Mishaan al-Jubouri called for an investigation into Plasschaert on suspicion of corruption, bribery and profiteering, while describing her as a “false witness.”

Al-Jubouri said in a tweet followed by “Al-Sumaria News”, “At the end of the work of UN envoy Plasschaert, we call on the United Nations to open an investigation into the accusations of corruption and profiteering directed at its mission in Iraq.”

He added, “As for the evaluation of Plasschaert’s performance, it was bad. She played the role of a ‘false witness’ who distorted the facts, was not objective, and always sided with the authorities at the expense of the general Iraqi people.”