Pentagon destroys a model for the underground nuclear facility (Iran)

Pentagon destroys a model for the underground nuclear facility


Pentagon destroys a model for the underground nuclear facility (Iran)Palm – a news report revealed on Friday that the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) recently completed a series of field exercises on American territory included the destruction of replica model of a nuclear facility is located underground.

The newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth” that the tests achieved resounding success exceeded expectations, adding that the results of the experiment were transferred to friendly countries in order to reassure about the ability of the United States to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, in one fell swoop.

The newspaper added that the experiment was designed to convey the message that the United States is serious about its intention to attack Iran if conditions permit and pointed out that the experiment included the launch of several bunker-buster bombs that the Pentagon revealed it for the first time in July 2012.

The bomb is placed “GBU -57 me” in the launcher “B-2″ and part of Altgria of the bomb pierced the concrete ceilings of the nuclear facility.

The United States indicated it will make a limited amount of bunker-buster bombs, and bomb cost 5.3 million dollars and total costs for the new weapon of $ 500 million.

The newspaper said the size of the bomb is six times greater than any known bomb bunker buster, which weighs 13 tons and the superiority of his speed to penetrate the speed of sound and doubled the rate of five meters accuracy.

It is said that the United States and Israel announced that all options are on the table in the face of Iran’s nuclear program, which the West believes strongly that it is aimed at producing nuclear weapons.

Iran denies this and insists that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only, has pledged to refund a violent case of any attack on its territory.