Parliamentary: No candidate for prime minister was agreed upon, despite the submission of 48 names in favor of Saleh

Parliamentary: No candidate for prime minister was agreed upon, despite the submission of 48 names in favor of Saleh

12/21/2019 13:24

Parliamentary - No candidate for prime minister was agreed upon despite the submission of 48 names in favor of Saleh[Baghdad-Ain]
Representative Abbas Al-Atafi stated that the President of the Republic received the requests of 48 candidates for the Prime Minister, while noting that there was no final agreement on the candidate for the position of Prime Minister.
Al-Atafi said, in a press statement, today, Saturday, that the resigned government will continue to conduct the work of the executive ministries and others until a person is appointed to the position of the next prime minister, stating that “President of the Republic Barham Saleh received requests from 48 candidates for the position, without there being agreement on any of the These characters so far. ”

He added, “Some candidates submitted personal requests, while others were nominated by the parties, some of whom were cast by the blocs inside the demonstration squares and won acceptance, while he expressed the hope that the next prime minister will be an independent personality from the new youth and he does not compliment anyone, brave, honest and with experience in field work. .

Alattafa, that a meeting said to be held for “parliament correction rally” in order to “put an appropriate figure to be prime minister during the next phase could reach the country to beach safety, away from the personalities that took over the former executive position.”

for his part , favored the MP for the coalition Al-Fath MP Ahmad Al-Kinani, Submission of Political forces The name of the new prime minister tomorrow, Sunday, pointing out that “political forces are conducting continuous meetings during this period to resolve the name of the candidate for the position of prime minister.” Al-

Kanani stressed that “the constitutional period has ended, but the presidency of the republic has been consulted with the opinion of the former federal court to give political forces Sufficient time to resolve the issue of the candidate for prime minister. ”

The deputy for the victory coalition, Nada Jawdat Shaker, indicated earlier, that“ there are two fronts regarding the nomination of the prime minister, namely the political blocs front and the People’s Front represented by the demonstrators and therefore the political blocs must nominate the personality that rises to the size of the challenge The country faces and represents the will of the masses. ”

According to informed sources, the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, was pressured to pass the candidate of the political blocs, but the continued sit-ins and the angry protests in the squares prompted him to be slow due to the absolute rejection by the demonstrators of any candidate that comes through the power parties.