Parliamentary Finance: Launch percent advance salary and five million Iraqi dinars in July

Finance Committee confirmed its intention to increase in the salaries of employees and retirees as well as an advance release of the five percent salary and millions of Iraqi dinars. “A member of the Finance Committee Haitham Jubouri that” there is a significant inflation in the Iraqi economy and become useful to respond to appropriate salaries.

He Jubouri: The percent salary advance loans work started by Rasheed Bank and even advance, provided 100 million cases of exceptional and humane “, stressing that the advances will be the direct effect as from 1 July next.”

He noted that the Rafidain Bank Mtlkia still to some extent now because of the large number of funds that were spent on the form of loans and there is $ 9 trillion spent on the form of loans and therefore there must be mechanisms to recover these amounts by the fire advances again. ”