Parliamentary Finance expects the 2024 budget schedules to arrive next week

Parliamentary Finance expects the 2024 budget schedules to arrive next week


Parliamentary Finance expects the 2024 budget schedules to arrive next weekThe head of the proportional Finance Committee, Atwan Al-Atwani, said today, Saturday, that the federal budget schedules for the year 2024 will reach the committee next week.

A statement of the committee, a copy of which {Al-Furat News} received, stated: “It hosted, headed by Atwan Al-Atwani and in the presence of its members, the Minister of Communications, Hiam Al-Yasiri, today, to discuss ways to advance the reality of the communications sector in Iraq, and raise the level of services provided to citizens, because of this having a direct impact on economic development.” “.

He added, “The meeting discussed the most prominent problems facing the ministry’s work, and the possibility of providing it with the necessary support, in order to implement the provisions of the government program related to the communications sector.”

Al-Atwani stressed “the necessity of advancing the communications sector and developing electronic services, stressing the keenness of the Parliamentary Finance Committee to review what has been implemented, as stipulated in Paragraph 17 of the Federal Budget Law (2023-2025) regarding increasing communications revenues and improving the quality of services,” adding “We rely a lot on the Ministry of Communications to be the second financial resource for the state after oil.”

He stressed “the necessity of digital transformation in all sectors, including customs and ports, and this requires securing and improving the Internet service, continuously and without interruption, in a manner that is commensurate with the government’s endeavor to automate these sectors and undermine the outlets for corruption,” noting that “hosting also comes to identify the ministry’s needs.” “In preparation for inclusion in the 2024 budget tables, the tables of which are expected to reach the Finance Committee next week.”

Al-Atwani pledged to “adopt the demands and proposals put forward by the Minister before the Finance Committee, including providing the necessary financial allocations to develop communications infrastructure, ensuring the expansion of port gates in light of the increasing demand for this service, in addition to purchasing advanced devices to block websites targeting Iraqi society, as well as Giving the Ministry the authority to collect fees for commercial advertisements on social media sites and prosecute violators.

Al-Atwani and the members stressed “the necessity of completing the steps to transform Iraq into a global market for transferring Internet capacity by attracting customers, after the submarine cable service entered the commercial operation stage, which brings significant revenues to the state.”