Parliamentary Finance Committee calls for deepening cooperation between the banks to enter the global market

The decision of the Finance Committee called parliamentary Ahmed electrodes, Saturday, to deepen the cooperation between the private banks and the Iraqi government and open more channels for cooperation through the development of banking systems, to enter the global market and the exercise of sophisticated transactions.

The electrodes for “obelisk”, “All government banks and cadres have seen in many of the sessions external mechanisms to deal modern financial in Lebanon, Egypt, Britain, Japan and other” stressing “the need for the country to deepen banking cooperation between the government and private banks Iraqi to create mass financial banking able to fight the investment arena and attract capital through guarantees and acceptable terms. “

The electrodes that “Parliamentary Finance Committee has plans with the Ministry of Finance in this direction in order to mix banking expertise with the Iraqi international expertise to take advantage of the strengthening of the foundations investment and financial”, but he also said, “To be the Iraqi banking sector is able to grant large loans and guarantees can be provided and thus encourage investor entering the country. “

The Baghdad Economic Forum recommended in banking (13 January 2013) to expand to banking legislation and the introduction of a number of laws relating to civil banks at the conclusion of its work in the capital, Baghdad.