Parliamentarian calls for canceling the budget of Kurdistan

Parliamentarian calls for canceling the budget of Kurdistan

2019/9/30 17:57

Parliamentarian calls for canceling the budget of Kurdistan[Baghdad-Where]
MP from the State of Law coalition Mansour al-Baiji, on Monday, that the Kurdistan Regional Government that will not hand over oil revenues and border outlets, calling for the cancellation of the region’s budget.
Al-Baiji said in a press statement today that “the region will not hand over its revenues to the federal government, whether oil or border outlets, and this is not born this year, but the Kurdistan government since the fall of the former regime and until now procrastinate the delivery of imports and receive its full share of the federal budget throughout the period. Previous. ”

He explained that “the previous governments, which succeeded after the fall of the regime could not pressure the government of the region in order to hand over its imports to the federal government, but on the contrary is delivered the region’s share of the federal budget at the expense of the central and southern provinces.”

He added, “The Kurdistan Regional Government and with the federal budget sent to the House of Representatives is working to raise the ceiling of its demands by sending its delegations to the federal government under the pretext of delivery of oil imports and in the end do not hand over one barrel of oil and this will not allow it to be repeated at all because we are not ready to We hand over the wealth of our provinces to the provincial government. ”

He pointed out that “the Kurdistan Regional Government deals with the federal government as if the government of another country and not part of Iraq belonging to the federal government the same as other provinces are irregular in the region so this matter can not continue as it is,” indicating that “the best solution to end this form is to cancel The budget of the Kurdistan region is to export oil and manage its border outlets and dispose of its funds to the provinces away from the wealth of the provinces of the center and south.