Parliament: great difficulties facing banks

On: Saturday 19/05/2012 6:40

 Karbala / Amjad Ali 
, member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Hussein Almrobei The Iraqi banks facing great difficulties, pointing to the existence of more than 30 trillion Iraqi dinars without the mechanism of action. 
said Almrobei in a statement summed up by the term during his visit to Karbala The law of banks in need of major repairs

He pointed out that the House of Representatives in connection with a conference brings together Iraqi banks with central bank governor. He added that the decision to postpone the Almrobei deletion of zeros from the currency was due to the existence of problems related to the process in order to avoid any negative impact on the citizen and the Iraqi economy in general and called for the need to facilitate the mechanism of credit and deposits, warning of the occurrence of financial corruption.