Parliament Finance demands an investigation into parliamentary accusations against the Central Bank of Iraq

Parliament Finance demands an investigation into parliamentary accusations against the Central Bank of Iraq


Central Bank of IraqSaturday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee called on the Presidency of the House of Representatives to form an investigative committee regarding the statements of one of the representatives regarding monetary policy and the procedures of the Central Bank.

The committee stated in a statement: “We followed with great astonishment and disapproval the irresponsible statements made by Representative Muhammad Nouri during his hosting on a satellite channel to talk about monetary policy in the country and the procedures of the Central Bank of Iraq.”

She added: “While we categorically deny the allegations made by the representative, as they lack credibility, accuracy and objectivity, and indicate his lack of familiarity with the procedures and duties of the committee, we express our strong rejection of these allegations because they constitute a great abuse of the tasks and duties of the Parliamentary Finance Committee in particular and the legislative authority in general.” .

The committee called on the Presidency of the House of Representatives to “form an investigative committee to determine the veracity and source of these dangerous statements, and to take deterrent legal measures against anyone who intentionally harms the reputation of the Iraqi state and its constitutional institutions,” adding: “We confirm once again that everything that Mr. Representative spoke It is false. Rather, he had to verify the information by communicating with his fellow representatives who regularly attend meetings, before talking about sensitive files, despite the fact that he did not have any information about them due to his constant absence from committee meetings.”

She stressed that “the monetary policy of the Central Bank, especially with regard to printing currency, is subject to monetary standards and foundations, and in line with the stability of the economic situation and the level of inflation, and that our Finance Committee has a clear work program for oversight of the executive authority, which will be completed at the beginning of the new legislative term, hoping Representative Al-Nouri’s commitment to performing his legislative and oversight duties and tasks.”

Earlier, the Central Bank of Iraq denied a statement by a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Muhammad Al-Nouri, about the loss of 35 trillion Iraqi dinars in print.

Al-Nouri said in a televised interview, “The Central Bank’s decisions are political and do not aim for a real economic content, and they deal capriciously with the banks,” indicating that “the Central Bank does not witness stability except by meeting the needs of smugglers, and its procedures are (papers).”

He continued, “The Central Bank’s procedures are unreal and it detailed instructions for a specific group of banks,” noting that “the National Bank achieved a qualitative leap between 2019-2023 from 9 billion to 137 and these profits are from selling the dollar because it controls 30% of the total dollar amounts.” The local government, as well as the inflated invoices through which the price of imported goods is calculated at several times their real price, and these files were transferred to the Prime Minister and no measures have been taken regarding them so far.”