Parliament deputy accused of being behind the failures of the Iraqi Central Bank

On: Tuesday 15/5/2012 7:34

 Baghdad / long 
accused the MP for the Iraqi bloc white member of the Economic Commission representative, Aziz Mayahi, the House of Representatives to stand behind the failures of the Iraqi Central Bank. 
said in a statement received the long version of it, “The neglect of the House of Representatives oversight role in the follow-up to the Iraqi Central Bank to make the central bank continue in the failures that had the effect of the continuous rise of the dollar and confusion in cash transactions through the bank to follow the wrong policies in the auction currency. “

He added: “The central bank was the cause of wasting huge sums from the general budget of the fact that the budget approved in Iraqi dinars and the different teams currency this will make the budget approved for the ministries and provinces are not commensurate with actual needs and this is what will sign the Government in embarrassments.” He said that “Iraq’s economy suffered blow through the establishment of some members of the state and mafias currency to ratify the transaction import fake billions of dollars and being smuggled abroad, including what came to UAE for more than four billion dollars in just four days, and the sabotage of the Iraqi economy. ”

He believed that “this manipulation and confusion in the price currency make the government fall in embarrassments because of the existence of contracts with foreign companies and domestic and differing exchange rate would cost the government other amounts in addition to the increased burden on the citizen through higher prices of materials and supplies of food and commercial ” 
and called on the central bank to “change the way auctions and return them as they allocate funds to a number of banks and banking offices instead of putting the auction, however, as the Bank exclusively old policy kept the currency exchange rates unlike the new policy, which has caused confusion and embarrassment to the citizens and the government. “