Osman: Talabani is under U.S. pressure Iran!!

Osman: Talabani is under U.S. pressure Iran!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Baghdad / Orr News

Said the leadership of the Alliance Alchristani Mahmoud Othman, said that President Jalal Talabani is facing great pressure by the U.S. and Iran and some political blocs and the said Othman’s “Ur,” The President of the Republic is suffering as a result of pressure by sticking outside parties on the subject of no-confidence in Maliki.

He pointed to a difference of views between President Talabani and the Kurdistan Region President Barzani because of this issue explaining that the president of the region calls for the President directed the withdrawal of confidence to the President of parliament for the implementation of social agreement Erbil, Najaf, while the president finds that he works within his career as President of the Republic and protector of the Constitution and as a site of political sponsor for the meeting national levels.

Source: uragency