Oil: the draft oil and gas law to merge the output of a uniform law

Oil: the draft oil and gas law to merge the output of a uniform law


Oil and Energy

Oil and Energy Committee, Tuesday, about the possibility of merging drafts within the House as proposals for oil and gas law to draft one to take out a uniform law is apt to vote in Parliament.

MP Committee Member said Hasan gave in a press statement that “most of the points in the drafts of the political blocs agreed on controversial points do not exceed five points all in terms of contracting, production and financial amounts and purposes.”

He gave it only requires political will for a solution then we will be able to find solutions to all the points of contention and a parliamentary Committee have not been able to agree on one point can put two paragraphs have a and b represent the destination alnazrin and go to the vote in Parliament, which will be decisive in determining which is the best “.

“We were supposed to go to international jurists and the use of existing laws in the world and adopted as the law of oil and gas in the country taking into consideration the good of the economic reality in Iraq.”

The Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy has three drafts of the draft oil and gas law but all of these drafts are not acceptable to the political parties in Parliament.

Since approval of the Iraqi Constitution, such as the law on oil and gas highlighted outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, the House has failed to past and present to find a consensus on a common formula for the oil and gas law.