Nijaifi, Biden discuss political crisis

Nijaifi, Biden discuss political crisis


Baghdad (NINA) – Speaker of Parliament, Usama al-Nijaifi, discussed in a telephone call, with US Vice President, Joe Biden, political developments in Iraq and current crisis.

A statement to the press issued on Thursday, May 23, by Parliament’s Media Bureau, said that Nijaife received a phone call from US Vice President, Joe Biden, discussing Iraq’s political situation and current crisis.

It added that Biden expressed concern over increase in violence and extremism in Iraq and Syria, pointing out the necessity for finding Iraqi solutions to calm the situation.

For his part, Nijaifi stressed the necessity to respect partnership and refrain from using the army in suppressing peaceful demonstrations, and to encounter the militias that have recently actively emerged.

He demanded the government to start a dialogue with the protestors and accept peaceful initiatives, as well as replace the Army in the cities with local police force.