News about the political blocs trading 4 names to succeed Abdul Mahdi

News about the political blocs trading 4 names to succeed Abdul Mahdi

12/9/2019 12:57

News about the political blocs trading 4 names to succeed Abdul Mahdi[Baghdad – Following Where]
A parliamentary source said, on Monday, that the political blocs are currently trading four names to succeed the “outgoing” Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, while activists confirmed that the demonstrators will work with the aim of pressing to choose a new prime minister that is consistent with their orientations 5 days before the end of Duration of fifteen days.
MP Muhammad al-Baldawi said, in press statements today, 9 that “the political blocs have mobility and convictions to reach subscribers among themselves, and they are currently trading four names after they were excluded dozens of names offered for the presidency of the government,” indicating that “what remains is only One of the names proposed to be a new prime minister is the successor to the outgoing Adel Abdel Mahdi.

He added that “the candidate must win acceptance from the authority and the masses in Iraq,” suggesting that “the name will be announced at the end of the current week after the agreement between the political blocs on the most appropriate personality according to the specifications set.”

For his part, activists affirmed that large numbers of demonstrators in the provinces of central and southern Iraq will join their counterparts in Baghdad tomorrow with the aim of pressing to meet the demands and expedite the selection of a new prime minister that is consistent with the directions of the demonstrators 5 days before the end of the fifteen-day period specified by the constitution for the President of the Republic to provide an alternative candidate for the President Minister Adel Abed Al Mahdi, who submitted his resignation on December 1.

One of the activists said, “Baghdad is the stronghold of power and governance, and without pressure and forcefully on the authorities in the capital, we will not expect them to take any real action to meet the demands of the demonstrators. Therefore, agreement with activists in the rest of the provinces has come to unite the effort in Baghdad this time.”

On the specifications required for the next prime minister, the MP from the Iraqi Forces Alliance, Abdullah Khurbit, explained that “the most important thing to think about now is that we choose a woman, not a man for the next stage, provided that she is independent of any previous or later political activity.” It is “while we find it difficult to choose an independent prime minister from among men, we can find an independent and competent woman at the same time.”

As for the former deputy, Haider Al-Mulla, he emphasized that “we have many basic problems in the country that determine the characteristics of the next prime minister.”

He continued, “We have the problem of escaped weapons outside the framework of the state, and we have a major economic problem in the country, and we also have the problem of the reconstruction of cities liberated from ISIS, and we have legislative and legal problems, and for this we need a prime minister who is able to deal with these files, as well as having security experience.”

Al-Mulla pointed out that “among the required specifications is that he enjoy good regional and international relations, in order to be able to obtain the support of the international community in assisting Iraq in its economic crisis,” explaining that “among the important issues is that he be impartial, and corruption files have not indicated on him, and he has a vision Patriotism, so that he can manage the transitional phase, and establish a political process on sound foundations. ”

The deputy for the Al-Hikma stream, Furat Al-Tamimi, stated earlier, that “the next prime minister must enjoy independence, acceptance and national consensus, and that he be a figure with the ability to advance the burdens of a very difficult stage, and among the specifications is that he obtain the acceptance of the demonstrators, and not The religious authority’s objection during this period, because the stage requires a strong and courageous personality, and more importantly, it is agreed upon. ”