New conditions for banking companies working in Basra

 BASRA / JD / .. put the provincial council in Basra working conditions for companies and banking offices, including the approval of the Central Bank, and select mid-month deadline for receipt of papers and official approvals for companies which will be permitted to exercise banking business. 
The Chairman of the Development Committee in the province of Basra, Mahmoud Almksusi Agency / JD /, “The Council and the aim of providing protection and control of the economic activity of the province set conditions must be met in the banking companies operating in the province include the provision of official papers of the company and brand name and its ownership with the approval of the central bank to their work. ” And select Almksusi mid-month date for the receipt of approvals and official papers, under which companies will be allowed to carry on its work in the province, and warned companies not winning the approval of the Council of work practice after the date specified above.He noted that demand for the dollar in Basra province recently increased, leading to the increasing rate of the dinar exchange rates, compared with a standard other provinces and Baghdad, Basra, the fact that market occupies first place in the volume of trade exchanges in the country, / Finished / 21 m.