Netanyahu fears Obama’s surprise and aspires to understandings with Trump

Netanyahu fears Obama’s surprise and aspires to understandings with Trump

Posted 15/11/2016 01:06 PM

Netanyahu fears Obamas surprise and aspires to understandings with TrumpFear of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu surprised by the US President, Barack Obama, including his remaining weeks in the White House, at which time it aspires quickly the understanding with the President-elect, Donald Trump.

He remains the US president, Obama, in the White House until the twentieth of January / January next second, the day in which the president-elect Trump sworn in as US president.

And there are fears among the Israeli prime minister, that the Obama baptizing until then to support the Arab draft resolution against settlements or subtract selectors to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, through a letter or a resolution in the Security Council.

Over the past weeks, the US sources did not confirm this endeavor, but it was denied at the same time.

However, Netanyahu was quick to warn, said during a speech in the Knesset (parliament), Israel on Sunday evening: “firmly confront any attempts to impose international agreements or attempts to impose a settlement that will not only lead to a hardening of Palestinian positions and keep the peace.”

The relationship between Netanyahu and Obama were not at their best, over the past years and their differences have emerged into the open in more than one occasion.

The differences emerged with the opposition to the Obama administration’s escalation of Israeli settlement in the Palestinian territories, and also during and after reaching an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program.

Analysts saw Prominent Israeli, the Israeli Ministerial Committee on Legislation authentication last Sunday evening, a bill “settlement” which allows the confiscation of private Palestinian land for the purpose of settlement could lead to a new confrontation between Netanyahu and Obama.

He wrote Barak Ravid, diplomatic affairs analyst in the newspaper “Haaretz”: “There is no logic to pass such a law before leaving Barack Obama to the White House, on January 20 next.”

He added Ravid: “push this bill, an abuse of all the red lines for the international community, and in fact, Obama’s push for action against settlements in the UN Security Council, which is what he did to him since he entered office in 2009.”

And participate in the famous opinion columnist in the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot”, Nahum Barnea, who wrote yesterday in a widespread newspaper: “Netanyahu has feared a US proposal is passed in the Security Council, and for Obama to reassure needs to judges of the Supreme Court, this is not the right time to cause them angry because of the law of the outposts legislation. ”

The Israeli Supreme Court, it may gave in December / December 2014 the Israeli government until twenty-fifth of next month, for the evacuation of settlers from the settlement of “Amona” after failing to set up a private, central West Bank Palestinian land.

Netanyahu has asked the court to extend the deadline for 7 months, but the court has yet to decide on this request was rejected by the owners of the land the Palestinians, who held “Amona” on their land.

Israeli analysts saw, that Netanyahu wanted that deadline, to pass the critical period until the end of Obama’s mandate before deciding not to evacuate.

But Netanyahu is seeking at the same time to consolidate its relations with US President-elect Donald Trump and listen to him his positions on Israeli-American relations and resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He said in his speech the evening of the day before yesterday: “I look forward to any President-elect Donald Trump, it is a true friend of Israel and we have dating relationships long ago.”

He added: “Wait for me from the date of a visit to Washington to work with Trump in the spirit of full cooperation, and added other important constituents of the fabric of relations between the two countries.”

Netanyahu reiterated that the essence of his policy, is to “promote a firm alliance with the United States, and to ensure Israeli security control Western (River) Jordan, and to react decisively to the Iranian threat.”

He said the Israeli prime minister: “winning breakthrough in our relations with the Arab countries could lead to a resumption of negotiations with the Palestinians, and ultimately to achieve a peaceful settlement.”

Netanyahu is not alone, it is believed that the relations will be better with the new master of the White House.

Yoram Ettinger wrote in the newspaper “Israel Today”, which is close to Netanyahu, saying: “Concepts Trump and his deputy Michael Bance, counselors will lead to reduce the gaps between Israel and the United States, and deepen cooperation on the basis of a common factor of the values ​​of Christian-Jewish, threats and common interests, the distinctive contribution of Israel in security and civilian interests. ”