Nassif has accused the Central Bank of a new game

Nassif has accused the Central Bank of a new game

Saturday June 3, 2017 at 14:57 pm

Nassif has accused the Central Bank of a new gameBAGHDAD / Sky Press:

He accused the Legal Committee of the parliamentary member of the high Nassif, Saturday, the central bank out of professional and legal contexts, indicating that the recent ratings of banks “new innovative game” to add corruption crooked ways.

Nassif said in an interview seen by “Sky Press”, said that “there are banks established months ago were mostly money transfer companies borrowed funds to raise capital, and the purpose of which is not to build banking institutions that serve the community and do the credit department, but only benefit from the sale of currency window.”

She explained that “the central bank is to bear these far the wrong policy of the real banking goals that are in the service of society by encouraging banks to provide facilities and activate the credit department in support of industrial and agricultural projects and small projects aimed at raising the level of the Iraqi economy.”

Nassif showed that “no central bank can boast of support by international organizations in the framework of the assessment as he claims, what if these global organizations seen the size of the corruption that exists within the corridors?”.

She added, “must be the central bank is to forget that under the supervision and control of the House of Representatives, so we demand the central bank to put an end to these abuses and failures and to correct its trajectory immediately, otherwise so we will go after the legislative recess constitutional contexts, according to the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives to hold accountable those responsible for this file inside the dome of the parliament, especially and that there are many endorsements in this regard by the deputies and heads of specialized committees in the economic and financial field. ”