MP-Maliki: America’s commitment to the protection of Iraqi funds until Iraq’s request to be restored

MP-Maliki: America’s commitment to the protection of Iraqi funds until Iraq’s request to be restored

12:19 06/26/2013

America's commitment to the protection of Iraqi funds until Iraq's request to be restoredBaghdad – and babysit – stressed member of the National Alliance MP for the rule of law Abdul Salam al-Maliki, the need for the U.S. pledge to protect Iraqi funds frozen even after we are out of Chapter VII until finding the coordination between Iraq and the creditors in order to resolve the matter, lest exposed Iraqi funds to looting and grab.
The MP said al-Maliki said in a statement received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of “The United States of America, under the treaty, which has in the era of the second President Bush took it upon themselves to protect Iraqi funds abroad.” He pointed out that the importance of continuing this protection in a while to get rid of the problem of trade creditors is known. ”

“He has to be in Iraq at some point after his release from Chapter VII that works to coordinate with the creditor countries or with the United States in order to solve the debt problem for the protection of Iraqi funds.” Noting that the right of Iraq to get his money and utilize internally in order to support the central bank and the economy Iraqi and support investment projects in the country. ”

And hinted at the possibility of benefiting from these funds in infrastructure to pass a law without the need to borrow from international banks where that Iraq could this money to work on the construction of new infrastructure without the need for external funds. ”

He pointed out that the continued U.S. protection of Iraqi funds depends on the desire of Iraq therefore has to be for Iraq to be replaced initially all the problems of its creditors before being asked to lift the immunity of its assets in order to ensure their safety and lack of exposure to loot or to establish claims of international them. “Believing that the time current unsuitable U.S. to lift the immunity it because things have not yet been clarified in this regard. “p / h