MP demands Turki step down as interim CBI Governor

Sabah al-Saadi demanding Abdul Basit Turki to leave the central bank “to date” Published on Saturday, February 23 / February 2013 16:25 | Written by: br-dh / n | | | Hits: 270

BAGHDAD / obelisk: called independent MP Sabah al-Saadi, on Saturday, the central bank governor and agency Abdel Basset Turki to abandon this position or office as BSA, stressing at the same time that the Turkish “His high skill” in the management of the SAI and it left the central bank to date.

Saadi said at a press conference in the parliament building and attended “obelisk”, “The pretext basic behind the dismissal province former Central Bank Sinan Shabibi is holocaust taking place within the central bank as he called Prime Minister burns four billion dollars a month through auction currency,” adding that “the Holocaust continues even now.”

He pointed out that “there is an ongoing process of money laundering, since the time of Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi Previous to this day,” he said, calling the investigative authorities to “disclose the results of the investigation on the condition that includes the names of the banks and their customers.”

Saadi said that “the Turkish returning to his post in the Office of Financial Supervision being the owner of a high skill in the management of this institution , “Addressing the Turkish saying” You have to leave the bank in order to keep your history because the central bank does not just burn the money, but burn your date you. “

The cabinet decided during its 45 held in Baghdad in the 16 October 2012 the mandate of President BSA Abdul Basit Turki tasks acting central bank governor after he sacked unanimously former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi.