Ministry of Trade: The point of launching Iraq into international trade is near

Ministry of Trade: The point of launching Iraq into international trade is near


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BAGHDAD / JD / .. Ministry of Commerce announced near the launch point of Iraq’s international trade, stressing that this project will work on the development of the private sector through increased intra-regional trade with the countries of the world.

The ministry said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: held at the Ministry of Commerce meeting chaired by Hashim Mohammed Hatem Director General of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations in the ministry and in the presence of representatives of Iraqi ministries and private sector entities to discuss the establishment of Iraq’s international trade point.

Hatem said in his talk that the creation of an international trade point in Iraq is making significant benefits have a deep impact in the promotion of the economic reality of Iraq and its openness to global markets.

He added: achieve these benefits come through a data base of integrated conducts e-commerce in the field of product marketing and presentation of tenders and methods of buying and selling and the names of domestic and foreign companies and publishing trade legislation and shipping General, insurance, banks and everything related to trade foreign and domestic.

He said Hatem said the launch of Trade Point Iraq’s international is soon was left only determine the headquarters of the points after we completed the preparation of legislation and the mechanism of action and the development of the financial allocations and the provision of equipment and personnel selection الكفوئين in this area and their participation in training courses in the field of commercial transactions and international communications technology.

For its part, made a table Kazim, Director Trade Point Iraq International Trade Ministry a detailed explanation on the functions of the point and origins, objectives and services provided by, pointing out that the International Trade Point established mainly internationally by the UNCTAD known as the Conference on Development and Trade, the point to be dispersed across five forums in the world is Europe, America, Asia, Southeast Asia and the Arab countries is linked to this point more than 153 countries worldwide.

She added that the Iraqi economy after its transformation from a centralized economy to a free market economy he must be a strong supporter of the private sector and the existence of trade point will work on the development of this sector through increased intra-regional trade with the countries of the world, as well as the existence of this point will provide information support for businessmen and investors and open markets New to the private sector and activating the interdependence between partners in the world through a central point official business and facilitate the use of modern technologies.