Minister: The Faw Grand Port project will make a quantum leap in Iraq’s economy

Minister: The Faw Grand Port project will make a quantum leap in Iraq’s economy

2023-03-11 03:11

Minister - The Faw Grand Port project will make a quantum leap in Iraqs economyShafaq News/ The Iraqi Minister of Transport, Razzaq Mohibis Al-Saadawi, said today, Saturday, that the Al-Faw port project will make a quantum leap in the country’s economy, if it is completed.

This came in a statement he made to reporters today, on the sidelines of his visit to Basra Governorate, where he was briefed on the Al-Faw Grand Port project, to follow up on the progress of work in the first five projects within the first phase of establishing the port.

In his statement, the minister said that the Al-Faw Grand Port project tops the government program’s priorities, noting that it will cause a quantum leap in Iraq’s economy.

He stressed his keenness to overcome any obstacles facing the projects of the port of Faw, calling for redoubling efforts and working diligently to make it a success.

At the end of the year 2022, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani, directed the acceleration of work in all executive paragraphs of the great port of Faw, returning to it a project “the size of Iraq and the aspirations of its people.”

The great port of Al-Faw is an Iraqi port in the Al-Faw peninsula, south of Basra Governorate, in the far south of the country. Its cost is about 4.6 billion euros, and the port’s capacity is estimated at 99 million tons annually, to be one of the largest ports overlooking the Gulf and the tenth in the world, and to lay the foundation stone for this project. April 5, 2010.

The issue of the great port of Faw, and the delay in completing it, sparked controversy, and representatives accused successive governments of making deals with neighboring countries that neglected the construction of the port in favor of the ports of those countries.

The project also witnessed some delay after the “suicide” of the technical director of the South Korean company Daewoo, which is implementing the Faw Grand Port project, for mysterious reasons.