Member of the Finance Committee: Iraq got another extension to protect funds deposited out

Baghdad (newsletter) … Member of the Finance Committee revealed on/National Alliance Deputy/Magda El-Tamimi, from Iraq to another extension to protect global funds deposited in banks.

She said Al-Tamimi (News Agency news) on Thursday: Iraq got during the past month on the last extension protection funds abroad for one year by the US administration.

She added: the Government move to settle a money with commercial creditors who they get ready to sue the country win their debts after the expiry of protection, noting that the amount of debt Iraq owes to creditors are estimated at $ 1.5 billion.

Said: that some creditors known to the Ministry of finance and the Central Bank of Iraq, while others are unknown so far.

Proposed settlement debt file with commercial creditors through the purchase of debts with the lowest price possible and avoid problems could cost huge sums of money Iraq abroad