Member of the Energy Commission: Fourth round of licensing was postponed for lack of gas oil law, HCL

On: Tuesday 05/29/2012 11:53

Baghdad (news) .. Attributed a member of the Committee on Energy and Oil MP / National Alliance / Furat al-Shara, the reasons for delay licensing round, the fourth of gas not to approve oil and gas law in the House of Representatives. 
Shara said (of the Agency news) said on Tuesday: The reason for delay licensing round, the fourth of gas due not to approve oil and gas law by the House because there are differences on some paragraphs of the law by the two governments and federal Kurdistan, in addition to the absence of oil policy is evident in the country. He added that the licensing round gas you need to oil policy, industrial and clear knowledge of the nature of the interaction between the Ministry of Oil The global giants, whether domestic or foreign for the extraction of gas drawn from the wealth of hydrocarbon. He explained: they need enough time to be through the adoption of oil and gas law and the development of oil policy is clear, despite the fact that Iraq today desperately need to invest in its natural resources, particularly “gas.” The Ministry of Oil has announced the postponement of the licensing round of gas to be launched with oil licensing round fourth, which begins tomorrow in Baghdad, as they affirmed to complete its preparations on the conduct of the auction of oil licensing round-fourth to be held on Wednesday with the participation of (47) international oil company, including Arab companies exceeded examination of legal and technical. / Finished / 8. d. Q /

Source: ihknews