Member of the Economic Commission: postponement of the tariff would destroy the national economy

Date: Monday 14/5/2012 8:49

Baghdad (news) .. rejected by the Economic Commission MP / National Alliance / Abdul-Abbas broadly, the proposals to postpone the application of the tariff, criticizing those who call to postpone it, describing them as “I do not understand the meaning of the law.” 
said Xiaa (of the Agency news) said on Monday: The the Tariff Act to be applied at the end of next June, is important for supporting the national economy, and can not be anyone that you delay it or wait it because that would mean “the destruction of the Iraqi economy and wrecking” lost in the failure to protect local product.and called on the Ministries of Finance and Planning to create the requirements and mechanisms that obliges the State to implement the law, Cglq borders and protect the border crossing points, stressing the need for the application of Law No. (23) for the year (1985), which amount to imprisonment and fines for those who enter the goods without being subject to customs duties. and deputy proposed Xiaa: development of the state rate ( 5%) of the fees on the goods at the beginning of the application of law to see the reaction of the local market and its impact law and then begin to increase rates gradually so as not to affect prices in the domestic market. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Council of Representatives approved the tariff law in its previous session, and was the most prominent justification issuance of this law according to a statement of the Council of Ministers is to set tariffs in line with the reform of the Iraqi economy and the amendments of the many that have occurred in the law, the law provides for the imposition of customs duties on imported goods not included in the table of tariffs tariffs by no more than (20%) of its value, confirming The samples and models that are not of commercial value exempted from customs duties, and took into account the law in the application of its provisions, the facilities afforded by the Investment Law No. (13) for the year 2006, as amended, on goods imported for the purposes of investment projects exclusively, and comes with a view to attract the maximum amount of investment companies and the men the business to work in Iraq. / Finished / 8. d. Q /