Member of Finance Committee: Procedure for sale of foreign currency the central bank to the interests of the Iraqi dinar Atsb

On: Friday 05/11/2012 11:13

Baghdad (news) .. Criticize a member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP from / National Alliance / Amin Abbas, the measures taken by the Central Bank adopted for the sale of hard currency because it ascertains the balance between the Iraqi dinar and the U.S. dollar, through the presentation of quantities in the local market. 
The central bank took measures are complex and deliberate before in the process of selling the hard currency of the auction, where the condition of submission of import license and bank account and tax accounting for companies wishing to buy hard currency. Abbas said (to the Agency news) Friday: The complexity of procedures sale of hard currency deliberate by the Central Bank in order to reduce the demand to buy the U.S. dollar from Auction Central does not hurt the interests of the Iraqi dinar as it does not achieve the principle of balance in the process of pumping currency in the domestic market.He added: Finance Committee, the parliamentary person case at its meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank, where we asked him to increase the number of companies licensed to buy the currency, noting that the governor promised that reduces the complicated procedures and taken in the sale of hard currency “dollar” of the Central Bank auction because there is high demand by traders and foreign remittances for students abroad or expatriate Iraqis. this and see the U.S. dollar during the recent big increase value to Iraqi dinar as a result of internal and external factors, where the price of the dollar (1300) dinars after it had been stable on the price of (1166) dinars. / Finished / 8. n. r /