Mechanism for the inclusion of all the provinces of the Central Bank auction

05/22/2012 0:00

 BAGHDAD – The morning 
revealed the Finance Committee, the parliamentary framework of the development of mechanisms to maintain the stability of the value of Iraqi dinar to its claim for the Central Bank of the involvement of all provinces without exception Bmzadeh of foreign currency indicating that the central bank began to take measures to not limit the sale of hard currency to a number of provinces. A member of the Finance Committee Secretary Hadi’s (Center news for the Iraqi Media Network): “The Finance Committee has asked the Central Bank of Iraq to increase the number of companies covered by the sale of hard currency to be those companies represented from all the provinces.” said Secretary that “the Central Bank of Iraq launched a new plan for the sale of hard currency through the daily auction by not limited to selling a number of companies, but increase in number by granting licenses new ones. “and between a member of the Finance Committee that the” hard currency will not be after this procedure is limited to companies, some provinces such as Baghdad, Nineveh, but will sell the currency for all provinces and thereby control the monopoly, which raises the value of hard currency. “