Maliki’s coalition appeals the budget to the Federal Court and indicates 6 violations

Maliki’s coalition appeals the budget to the Federal Court and indicates 6 violations

Posted, 2021-04-10 09:36

Malikis coalition appeals the budget to the Federal Court and indicates 6 violationsShafaq News / The State of Law coalition headed by Nuri al-Maliki decided on Friday to appeal the 2021 General Budget Law to the Federal Supreme Court.

The coalition said in a statement received by Shafaq News, that “we were surprised that the budget came out in many of its articles contrary to all that we sought to be guarantor in a fair and balanced manner and maintain the minimum level of achieving the requirements and rights of many classes and segments of our Iraqi people, which we declared our rejection.” We have decided to file an appeal with the Federal Court over many of its paragraphs that have been procrastinated and the budget was stripped of them despite the promises that we had hoped that the Finance Committee, members of Parliament and partners in the political process would adhere to defending it in The framework of the supreme interests of the country and our common interests. ”

The coalition wondered about “the reasons that led to the failure to include the issue of the lecturers in the budget after waiting and bearing from them for long years in which they provided the educational institution with their efforts free of charge and made huge sacrifices in it and the budget came to let them down again, and the margin of promises to postpone the resolution of their suffering for other months is not justified to address their case in a manner. Urgently”.

He added, “We have always objected and emphasized that the increase in the dollar’s ​​exchange rate was not a deliberate step and caused great damage to the citizens, and the economic crisis could not be addressed at the expense of their living conditions, especially the poor segments of them. The shortage of state resources from other outlets, which are many, have not been addressed. We renew our objection to the dollar exchange rate as I passed the budget and our demand that it be reduced in light of the improvement in the selling price of the national oil product globally.

And Maliki’s coalition continued in his statement, “We were surprised that the return of those whose contracts had been canceled by the security services and the Popular Mobilization Forces was not addressed, and it was passed in contradiction to what was agreed upon and promoted by the media, which is unfortunate for the right of a segment that made tremendous sacrifices in defense of the homeland, at a time when the budget paid attention to counting the absent ISIS members and considering them Martyrs, not to mention the retroactive restoration of retirement rights for all former army officers and ranks, even for their cumulative leave!

He explained, “He missed the budget that we had hoped would provide job grades in the budget that would do justice to many graduates and the unemployed. The budget materials abandoned him without a fair treatment for their increasing proportions,” adding, “After promises were repeated to include them, the budget deprived Basra Governorate of 30,000 job opportunities for its children.” Unlawfully”.

He pointed out that “successive budgets did not do justice to the Faili brothers and offered their sacrifices, and we still do not find any indication of their fairness in any budget that guarantees their rights stolen since the era of the former regime, and we hoped that the current budget would take into account an article referring to the return of property and confiscated and seized money and compensation for the families of the martyrs and the victims from them.” Just and fair. ”

The statement stressed, “It has become necessary and necessary for us in the State of Law coalition to stand firmly and openly and in accordance with the legal path justified by the constitution to challenge many of the budget articles in order to defend the sacrifices and rights of the Iraqi people, and our endeavor will not stop at the limits of the budget. It damages their interests and does not take into account them in the future.