Maliki was stealing the salaries of about 20 000 member and placebo in the Department of Defense

Admittedly Ali Ghaidan: Maliki was stealing the salaries of about 20 000 member and placebo in the Department of Defense

04/12/2014 15:37

Maliki was stealing the salaries of about 20 000 member and placebo in the Department of Defense150 000 voice placebo went in favor of the rule of law in the last election Nuri al-Maliki.

Iraqis are not surprised by the announcement Haider Abadi that many aliens in the Ministry of Defence has reached fifty thousand, and that investigations are underway to discover more .. and more here is probably greater than the advertised number, has been investigated in five military teams only while the Iraqi army comprises fifteen Band , combat except other items at least many of its members for a quarter of a million . Perhaps the surprise that stunned everyone is that the shops military operations commander to retire the team Ali Ghaidan yesterday I said in the interrogation conducted by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers (the former prime minister’s office informed the soldiers spaces in the defense and interior, and 40% of the aliens’ salaries were deducted and sent to the General Commander of the Armed Forces, Mr. Nuri al-Maliki’s office). He said he told al-Maliki personally so in Ahdi his meetings before the cabinet reshuffle a long time, but that al-Maliki had asked him not to speak to this issue because the circumstances can not tolerate such a Chocrh. The Ministry of the Interior They almost choked Balvdaúaan estimated observers Insiders Adidhm three hundred thousand or a little more, add them Mnzboa other forces which are calculated on the interior, but a public commander (Prime Minister), such as the gold band and Swat and the strength of the fight against terrorism. There are those who say that the aliens make up a large proportion, no more thirty percent of the members of the House of Representatives due to the absence of a hundred member for each session, and there are fifteen members of Aahoudron parliament meetings only once while performing section! so the three Vice-Presidents of the Republic are assigned state budget sixty billion dinars a year, and they without work perfectly . Here is a little political observers that the salaries of the three (al-Maliki, Allawi and Najafi) monthly enough to build one hospital or three schools. He adds that the construction of a school or hospital, more useful to the Iraqis from the presence of three deputies to the president to understand that absent will not miss out and attended not fill them !! Not to mention consultants and experts, The Office of the former prime minister of more than (1600 adviser) in the words of former MP Bahaa Araji, each minister, agent or even general manager more than a consultant is without work but receive a large salary. Even conservative and provincial councils for every one of them more than a consultant. The Governor number more than seven are without work, too. In the meantime, revealed a source from within the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq, the presence of 150 000 electoral fake card have been voted in the recent parliamentary elections. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity or reference to his post, “The Commission members have made ​​to manage documents and documents proving the existence of huge numbers of phantom cards that have been voted out, and calculating their votes in the period following the recent parliamentary elections,” noting that “estimated prepared by nearly 150 000 electoral fake card.” And “But management Commission proceeded on to pick up in the previous period under the pretext of the Iraqi government and the House of Representatives shortly complete, after knowing that those cards bearing fake names for the characters do not exist (aliens), and calculated their votes to one of the main political blocs to participate in the Iraqi government. ” The source explained that ” has been revealed, some through the different fingerprints and repeat the presence of a single person with more than one card, “stressing that they” were given a vote in favor of the rule of law. ” The source said, “The functions of the phantom card holders dispersed between Ministries staff (electricity, education and oil) and the security services in the ministries ( Defense and Interior). The source continued that the influential actors in the Commission will adopt the submission of documents again, especially after the file has been opened aliens in the state and how much of its budget Istnzvonh overload Almsrawlin spoilers for that file.